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EN - Full Metal Panic!, Vol. 06

ADV Manga
249 Kč
Kaname schools her gun-crazy bodyguard Sosuke in the finer points of life but not before he schools her in the art of war! Kaname will have to fight fire with fire just to keep from getting burned! This year, the holidays are full of surprises, and the battles that will be fought won't be on any ordinary battlefield. When it comes to playing on Kaname's home turf, watch out! This demure high school student knows how to kick butt and take names. Nevertheless, all Kaname can wish for is that her social nightmare turns into a sweet dream.

Will Sosuke and Kaname survive each other? The weapons have been drawn and the lines have been crossed as the crazy gunplay continues in Full Metal Panic!

Formát210 x 145 mm
Počet stran172
Typ komiksučernobílý
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