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EN - Trinity, Vol. 2

DC Comics
EN - Trinity
599 Kč
A world without heroes... A world without hope?

The Trinity has fallen

Victims of a cosmic plot to remake the world in the image of their enemies, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are no more - and reality itself is on the verge of collapse.

In the absence of these inspiring heroes, the planet Earth is protected by the Justice Society International, an army of metahumans who traded away freedom for security. But even their iron fist cannot stop those who eliminated The Trinity from seizing the power of creation once and for all.

Now a ragtag alliance of strangely familiar faces must band together to heal the cosmic rift and restore reality as it should be.

Meanwhile, a small group of the Trinity's closest friends - warped nearly beyond recognition by this dark new world - desperately searches for The Man of Steel, The Dark Knight, and the Amazon Princess. And what they discover about the heroes' fates may be the most shocking twist of all...

The reality-shaking saga of The Trinity continues in this pivotal volume by Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley, with contributions by writer Fabian Nicieza and artists Art Thibert, Scott McDaniel, Tom Derenick and Mike Norton. The second volume collects Trinity #18-36.

Autor obálkyMark Bagley, Arthur Edward Thibert
Formát260 x 170 mm
Počet stran424
Typ komiksubarevný
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