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EN - What If? Daredevil vs. Elektra (2009) #1

115 Kč
Daredevil. Elektra. Once upon a time they were star-crossed lovers, but then fate took a tragic twist leading them down wildly separate paths. He became Hell's Kitchen's blind seeker of justice while she became a servant to the Hand and their deadliest ninja assassin. But What If...events occurred differently? What If DD was inducted into their evil order in her place? WHAT IF DAREDEVIL DIED AND WAS RESURRECTED BY THE HAND? If that question provides you a gnat's whisker of intrigue, then you definitely won't want to miss this What If special based on the seminal early 80s Daredevil run by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson! By Karl Bollers (WOLVERINE: HUNGER) and Rafael Kayanan (Conan The Barbarian). Plus a 'SAY WHAT?' comedy strip by Mike Gallagher (Mad Magazine) and Dave Manak (Spy Vs. Spy).

What If Daredevil Died Saving Elektra?
writer: Karl Bollers, penciller: Rafael Kayanan

Say What? Daredevil vs. Elektra
writer: Mike Gallagher, penciller: Dave Manak, letterer: Dave Manak

Autor obálkyKlaus Janson, Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic
Formát260 x 170 mm
Počet stran48
Typ komiksubarevný
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