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EN - Green Lantern Chronicles Vol. 2 TPB

DC Comics
399 Kč

As Earth's first member of the intergalactic police force Green Lantern Coprs, Hal Jordan must venture to the faraway planet of Oa to meet his fellow recruits. There the Guardians of the Universe will instruct him on the true responsibility of those who wield their will-powered weapon - the power ring - to obliterate evil from every corner of the galaxy.

Joined by Tomar-Re and hundreds of other ring-slinging Lanterns, Hal Jordan embarks on daring adventures of bravery and fearlessness, on Earth and beyond, including a cautionary tale of power abused - the origin of the renegade Sinestro.

DC Comics is proud to present this definitive collection of Hal Jordan's sci-fi adventures. Assembled here are the crucial, early stories from GREEN LANTERN #4 through 9.

For both old and nwe fans of The Emerald Gladiator - THE GREEN LANTERN CHRONICLES defines waht it means to be a hero.

Autor obálkyJoe Giella, Gil Kane
Formát255 x 170 mm
Počet stran160
Typ komiksubarevný
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